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Paranormal Investigation Voucher

Paranormal Investigation Voucher

A voucher to take or gift a Paranormal Investigation with The Grey Ghost Project aboard The RMS Queen Mary by December 31st, 2024.


* Voucher does not guarantee availability. Be sure to schedule your investigation ahead of your visit. 2 weeks or more is recommended, but if availability remains, can be scheduled with shorter notice.


* is the only way your voucher can be redeemed and scheduled for participating in a Paranormal Investigation.


* Please see our website for FAQs, and contact us with any questions.


* Please be sure to review participation terms before scheduling your investigation.



- Participation Terms -


* All participants must arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled investigation time. Late arrivals can

not be accommodated, rescheduled, or refunded. 


* A sober mind is required for participation; should anyone be deemed not in a sober state, they will be denied participation and provided no refund. 


*Should any guest be disrespectful during the investigation, they will be excused from

participating and provided no refund. 


* Guests may not wander off. 


* All participants must be over the age of 13. Participants aged 13-15 must be accompanied by a ticketed guardian. Investigations after 10pm are ages 18+ only. 


* The Queen Mary can be difficult to navigate, and ADA accommodations are not able to be provided for every location. 


* By purchasing a ticket, you are consenting to your image and voice being recorded, and possibly used for social media.



* Voucher is valid through December 31st, 2024, if unused, you forfeit the voucher and amount paid.


* Voucher sale and redemption is final and not eligible for refund. Scheduled investigation for redemption is not eligible for exchange or refund.

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